Welcome to Nine Networking

Networking is not a skill you can turn on and off. It takes ongoing effort to build a network that can support your career and personal life.

While many people are intimidated by networking, it is a pursuit that can be easy, fun, and fulfilling. This website highlights a set of practices and tools that you can utilize to build and nurture your personal network. These practices are structured in a framework of nine basic techniques that can be further broken down into four key principles: Narrow, Initiate, Nurture, and Execute.

The advice on this website may sound basic. It is. The Nine Networking methodology simply provides the tools and processes to make these practices second nature.

We welcome feedback and hope you find the materials here to be informative and helpful.

Why do we network?
Why do we network?

  • To find a job
  • To learn
  • To keep in touch
  • To find new clients
  • To help others
  • To build relationships
  • To find new opportunities
  • To find new resources
  • To build our brand
How well do we do it?
How well do we do it?

  • Is networking fun and easy?
  • Do you help others first?
  • Do people remember you?
  • Do you have a process?
  • Do people know how they can help you?
  • Do you network on an ongoing basis?
  • Are you building long-term relationships?
How Nine Networking can make a difference
  1. PROCESS “You can’t automate a process if you don’t have a process.”
  2. FOCUS “The discipline has forced me to be explicit about how I build my network.”
  3. PRIORITIZE “I call people I should be calling, rather than those at the top of my mind.”
  4. BECOME EFFICIENT “I’m more efficient with my networking and professional life.”
  5. MANAGE TIME “I batch my calls rather than reaching out sporadically.”
  6. BECOME VALUABLE “Knowing my network allows me to make relevant introductions.”
  7. BECOME MEMORABLE “I now understand how focused I need to be in my message.”
  8. FIND EXCUSES TO REACH OUT “I am no longer afraid of networking.”
  9. BECOME RELEVANT “It is easy to resume conversations where I left off.”